Peru Cajon

The A Tempo Percussion Classics PERÚ cajons have the traditional Peruvian sound, they are mostly used to accompany Creole and Afro-Peruvian rhythms. These cajons do not have strings which allows them to have deep bass.

Our products are made with Peruvian artisans which guarantees attention to detail and superior quality control.

Made with Peruvian woods such as Mohena and Requia, which are appreciated for their durability and good sound; These wooden pieces are kiln dried to achieve good resistance to changes in climate and guarantee better resonance.

The lid of the Cajon bears the colors of our Peruvian flag, red and white, it is also well adjusted with screws allowing some flexibility in the upper part to achieve the various sounds.

Its glossy finish gives it an elegant appearance and soft to the touch, its various polyurethane applications protect the wood from moisture and wear.

Each Cajon has large, non-slip rubber feet that allow stability during use.

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