Mixed Black Cajon

The A Tempo Percussion Mixed Cajon combines the Classic Cajon and the Snare Cajon. It has two sides for percussion, one side has the traditional Peruvian sound and the other side has strings like a Cajon Snare. It has the hole on the side. All our cajones are joined with the endentado system (dovetail) solid wood dehydrated to 8 – 10 degrees of humidity.

Characteristics of the Mixed Black Cajon:

  • This cajon is made with pieces of wood joined with the endentado system.
  • The Requia and Mohena, woods with which this cajon is made, are woods that give the cajon a pleasant sound.
  • It has non-slip feet.
  • Measurements: 48cm x 33cm x 29cm
  • Wood: Mohena or Requia
  • Finish: Matte
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