Bump Cajon

A Tempo Percussion Classic Percussion Cajons have the traditional Peruvian sound. These cajons do not have strings. They are used to accompany Creole and Afro-Peruvian rhythms. These cajons have a natural finish, with a drier sound in the bass. All our cajones are joined with the endentado system (dovetail). Solid wood dehydrated at 8 -10 degrees of humidity.

Characteristics of the Bump Cajon:

  • The Bump Cajon has a thick top, this allows for stronger percussion.
  • This cajon is made with pieces of wood joined with the endentado system.
  • The Requia and Mohena, woods with which this cajon is made, are woods that give the cajon a pleasant sound.
  • It has non-slip feet.
  • Measurements: 45.5cm x 35cm x 30 cm
  • Wood: Mohena or Requia
  • Finish: Glossy
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