Paul Estrada was born in Callao on October 3, 1981.

He started music as a child and was very attracted to the sound of percussion. He always saw his father play the congas and listened to a lot of hard salsa like: La fania, Celia cruz, Ray barreto Eddy palmieri hector lavoe among others…

He developed his passion for percussion by first belonging to the student band and orchestra of the San José de Bellavista school.

When he turned 13 he had his first experience playing in a neighborhood orchestra called “Auténtica del callao” (a neighborhood prank).

Then at 15 years old he joined his first professional orchestra which was “Laura Mau y la original”, where he played the congas, thanks to Mr. Mario Arseno that he trusted him to develop my talent and I learned a lot from great musicians. Then he was part of the orchestra “we are music from callao” when he was 17 years old playing the timbales…for a short time he signed part of the orchestra with Son Café (which eventually became mangu)

Then he became part of the “hey hey camaguey” orchestra playing the bongo at the age of 19, learning and interacting with the Menacho family (Adolfo, Reynaldo and Edgard) …after this experience he joined the “Conquistadores de la salsa de Cuba” “playing the timbale, learning and enjoying the Cuban salsa boom.

It was during this time that I began to travel abroad, making my first tour to the United States with the conquistadors, making friends with Robert Armas, Karimbo, Luis Padron…among others…

After this job he returned to the “Camaguey” orchestra this time playing timbales and he toured Japan 2003, US Tour 2006-2007, Argentina tour 2008.

He also worked a second season with the Conquistadores de la Salsa, this time being the only Peruvian member in the orchestra and learning a lot from his Cuban colleagues, with whom he maintains a pleasant friendship.

Some time later he joined the “N’samble” orchestra at the request of Sandro del Solar and Charles Arana, playing the timpani and recording the orchestra’s hit song: “Today I have seen love again.”

After working for a year and a half in N’Samble, he joined the musical group “MAMBELE” playing the timpani. This group was only characterized by accompanying many international artists from the world of salsa such as:

Tito Nieves, Ismael Miranda, Gabino Pampini, Ray Sepulveda, Adalberto Santiago, Tony Vega, José Alberto el Canario, Wily González, Vity Ruiz, Charly Cardona and many more, during the 2 years that he worked.

In 2015 he worked with Marco Salazar in his orchestra Marcos y los duros, specifically playing salsa dura, boricua, puertorra. Then in 2016 we started a project with a young talent called Cesar Vega, which was a quite pleasant improvisation experience.

Likewise, in mid-2017 he worked with Renzo Padilla and his musical production.

Later he joined the La Selecta Old Star orchestra with Alex Ramirez for a season.

Then he worked for a short time with Gaby Zambrano, on this occasion a band of Peruvian musicians was formed to travel to Equatorial Guinea to accompany José Alberto el Canario and Rey Ruiz in their presentation for the Presidential House.

In mid-2018 he started the project with Daniela Darcourt, developing a rapid rise and reception from the public, during which time we traveled to almost all the provinces and the United States.

Currently, since 2019 he has been developing her work with Kate Candela’s orchestra, accompanying her with her new hits.

He had the opportunity to record 95% of the salsa in Peru that is heard on all the salsa radio stations.

At the same time that year he had the joy of recording with Sergio George in Lima at the Ozzuary studio, recording a hit by Yahaira Plasencia “and he said No.” That year I also met the winner of 2 Latin Grammys, the great Tony Succar, to whom I belong. his band mixtura band here in Peru as a conguero…. currently in 2024 I am working with AMY GUTIÉRREZ AND YOU SALSA. BLESSINGS