Alvaro Ponce de León

Alvaro Ponce de León is a percussionist musician and teacher, specialist in Brazilian and Afro-Peruvian rhythms and more. He was born in Lima-Peru in 1983. He studied at the National Conservatory of Lima. He migrated to Brazil to continue his studies as a professional musician. Place where he graduated in the course of Drums MPB-Jazz. In 2010 he graduated in classical percussion. He participated as a percussionist in different groups such as AfroLatinJazz ensemble, Compadre Canela, Arasunú, among others. 

She recorded the albums “Libertad” (France 2003), “Con Libertad” (Peru 2003), “Madre Tierra” (Argentina 2007), “Bajo Paraguay” (Paraguay 2010) and “Sonidos del Sur” (Brazil 2012), Mónica Gastelumendi & The Jazz Crew (Peru 2014).