Hybrid instrument, mixture of the African Bata; (used intensely in Cuba) and the Peruvian Cajon.

    Decagonal instrument, of decagonal shape. It has wood Heads; in both sides, and a hole in the center similar to the Peruvian cajon.

    The Batajon provide an interesting sonorous alternative. Although similar to the drums Bata; from the Batajons flow a peculiar sound by the fact of strike on the wood.

    The Batajones are using in the afro-Peruvian music; these can be used in Cuban music too, in fusions, and in the imagination of each musician determined.

    Each Batajon comes with a shoulder strap and a padded case.

    Solid wood body.

    Mohena, Requia & Pine in the Marbled Batajons and Pine for the Festivos.

    Heads: Cedar plywood veneer.


    - Big Batajon: 11.25 "- 7"

    - Medium Batajon: 9.5 "- 6"

    - Small Batajon: 7.5 "- 5.25"

    Marbled Batajons.

    Finish: Polyester and Polyurethane. Bright body.  

    Festivos Batajons.

    Finish: Matte.